Space Cabbie - Le Taxi de l'Espace (1954-1955)


 Mystery In Space #21 Aug/Sep 1954 premiére apparition du Taxiteur de l'espace
Space Cabbie picks up a passenger headed to Titan, a moon of Saturn. The passenger is Vugga Vott, a martian who has created a mesh-suit capable of rendering the wearer invisible. After reaching Titan, Vott uses the suit to become invisible and skips out on paying. Angered, Space Cabbie searches the moon for Vott, until he finally gives up. When Space Cabbie hears about a series of robberies on the moons of Saturn, he suspects Vott. He tries to explain the situation to the Interplanetary Police, but they do not believe him about the invisible martian. Space Cabbie then deduces Vott's robbery pattern. He parks his cab outside the next robbery location and successfully lures Vott inside. After a struggle, Space Cabbie delivers the martian to the authorities and receives a reward.
Mystery In Space #24 Feb/Mar 1955 reprinted in From Beyond the Unknown #18
"Hitchhiker of Space"
June 12th, 2154: Space Cabbie's taxi is stolen and found on Jupiter by the Interplanetary Police. He is stranded on Earth and unable to get to Jupiter to pick up the cab. He decides to stow away on a martian ship, but the crew finds him. Space Cabby is then put to work repairing the ship until it reaches Mars. On Mars, Space Cabbie is assaulted and captured by a gang of Venusian bandits. They take him and other prisoners to their asteroid hideout to be used as slave labor. Space Cabbie engineers an escape and receives a reward for capturing the gang. However, the currency is only good on Venus, so he is stranded on an asteroid. After a long wait, Space Cabbie finally flags down a passing rocket ship. He hitchhikes the rest of the way to Jupiter. When he arrives he learns that he left his identification papers on Earth. He finally manages to confirm his identity, so that authorities will release his cab without the papers. After the dilemma is solved, Space Cabbie institutes a policy to always pick up hitchhikers because he knows how they feel.
Mystery In Space #26 Jun/Jul 1955
"Mystery of the Counterfeit Space-Cabby"
Space Cabbie visits the authorities on Mars to report a counterfeiter who has given him phony currency. When he returns to his cab he finds a duplicate version of himself. Both cabbies think they are the real Space Cabby, and an argument ensues. To prevent confusion the cabbies label themselves A and B. To determine how the double came into being the cabbies discuss the events leading up to their meeting. Space Cabbie had given the counterfeiter a ride, then been paid with phony money. He followed the crook to his hide-out and discovered the counterfeiting machine. Then the crook knocked him out and made a double of the cab driver. The two cabbies still are not sure which one is real. They track down the counterfeiter again. This time they team up to defeat him. After the fight they use a molecular molder machine to destroy the phony cabbie. Space Cabbie "B" was the real one all along, which he deduces since "A" was left handed and the real cabbie is right handed.


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